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Special Chef Dinners

The WPN has special guest chef dinners scheduled throughout the year with local and traveling chefs, reach out to make your reservation now as it will be an experience to remember for a lifetime!!    WhatsApp +506 8677 3456 to get the latest information.




My philosophy on food and cooking is to make food which is above all delicious and also to create a unique experience that approaches all the senses. The things that inspire me about food and cooking are creating dishes that allow the flavors of ingredients to be the focal point, but also important is the overall experience of eating. 

Food is an amazing, wonderful, and beautiful language and medium to enjoy, share, and create with. I like to create a multi-sensory experience with food and always respect the flavor to be the focal point. I aim to make food that makes people feel good to see it, eat it, and linger in the memory of it. I am inspired by many things including ingredients, art, stories, poems, people, music, places. In addition to making it, I love to eat it, to taste everything, to travel and experience people and places and cultures through eating their food. Whether you eat at a taqueria, a shack, in someone's home, or at a fancy restaurant, the experience of eating brings you to life! My hope is to bring people together around the table and make the world a better place, one bite at a time!

Surdham Göb,

His culinary lineage goes back to the 17th century. Originally from Germany, with Italian roots has just published his 5th cook book and has been working in the culinary arts since his youth. He opened up "Zerwirk“ the first vegan fine dining restaurant in Europe in 2005, has been the head chef in the famous teahouse „Tushita“ in Munich, and has been running  "Surdhams kitchen“ a successful vegan catering business in Germany the past ten years.
In between he was head chef in Hawaiians "Blossoming Lotus“, stationed in the San Francisco, "Medicine Food station“ and "Millenium Restaurant.

Lisa Esposito

Lisa Esposito's love of food has taken her to many parts of the world, sampling and studying many cuisines. She is a self-taught cook whose work experience is as diverse as the ingredients she likes to work with and includes chef, consultant and teacher. She draws on her eclectic background to create dishes full of fresh, lively flavors, using a cross-cultural approach in combining ingredients.

One of her greatest pleasures is to bring people together through food. If you love to eat and want to have a tasty good time, then please join us around the table for our White Palms dinners.

Surdham Göb

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