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The WPN Spa is open daily to provide the services that will enable you to relax and become present during your stay. Our professional certified massage therapists offer several services and can customize a treatment to your needs.


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Nahual  -  is an multidisciplinary Professional Body work Therapist ,  Climbing Instructor AromaTherapy Artist. Born in Costa Rica and Raised in Monteverde CloudForest, he provides people with a deeper understanding of healing oneself from within. 
Nahual emphasizes listening to the body and supporting people through a profound comprehension of their own healing journey. He works with Manual techniques with connection and presence, adapting to the needs of each individual encounter. Nahual’s goal is   to reconnect  oneself with Nature and indulge in the profound  beauty of the Costa Rican Massage  Experience.
Nahual Offers: Profound Balance Body Work.
Inner Journey Through the Jungle.
Wave Surfing Massage.
“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water” Massage  OR Be Like Watah Massage 
Deep Tissue Myofascial Release Massage 


Jorgelina Vissani  -  Certified Massage Therapist of Rebalancing Bodywork since 2003. Her healing touch to support her clients to unblock holding patterns, reduce stress and chronic pain. Whether you are looking for a way to relax your body or a deep healing experience. She offers Osho Rebalancing Bodywork and Kobido a Japanese facial massage


Daniel Y Fernanda  -  Sound Healers with 5 years of trajectory together. They are dedicated to facilitating experiences that support self expression, healing and meditation with the use of specific frequencies, ethnic sounds of Costa Rica and the sound of their voices. Daniel is a songwriter and musician that enriches the experience of sound healing by playing multiple instruments from all over the world; Fernanda is an artist focused on the use of the voice as a tool for self healing; her voice weaves with the sound of singing bowls, flutes, and many other instruments reminding us the power of the sound of the human voice. Among some of the training they have received are: Sound Healing By Sound Healing Academy, Sandawa building and use by Sam Althaus, The Authentic voice by Almunis Alejandra and many private lessons with musicians and teachers from Japan, Colombia, Costa Rica, USA and more.



The body will be stimulated through a series of deep stretches, hand, elbow and foot compressions, shiatsu and reflexology techniques to achieve a deep feeling of well-being, relaxation, and balance


An abdominal Taoist massage practiced on the abdomen, navel and surrounding areas, through acupressure, vibration, and deep manipulation of the internal organs, resulting in a detoxification, of built-up stress, releasing of blocks, tension, and deep-seated negative emotions.


A synthesis of manual techniques practiced in an integral way to support release from muscular pain, trapped emotional patterns, or tension.  Improve your alignment and body awareness.  You will enjoy a blend of different techniques:  Joint release, Energy work, Deep tissue
Craniosacral, Trigger point, Trager, California Esalen


Japanese facial massage That means the Ancient Way of Beauty. This massage stimulates, balances and harmonizes the meridians. The application of different techniques produces a natural lifting effect and provides radiant beauty.  Stimulates skin tone, improves circulation and increases relaxation


The Sandawa Bed is a monochord instrument created with the intention of being used as a therapeutic instrument for sound healing. These sessions are accompanied by instruments from all over the world, including shakuhachi, charango, moon drum, shimes, tibetan bowls and more. The use of different sounds and vibrations allow a space for muscular relaxation, deep meditation, anxiety and stress relieve, stimulates the brain to improve sleep and contributes to physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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